Ellen Is More Lovable Than J Law

Back in 2011, a controversy in Hollywood made headlines and filled up Twitter feeds for weeks. No, I'm not talking about Charlie Sheen's much-publicized meltdown. I'm talking about something much more serious and much more shameful. I'm talking about the fact that People awarded Bradley Cooper Sexiest Man Alive over clear frontrunner Ryan Gosling. Afterwards, Cooper became the Low Winter Sun to Gosling's Breaking Bad — how did the Wedding Crashers star even dare to exist when something much better, much more charming, and much sexier already existed? But now, it's easy to get major déjà vu. Not about People's latest Sexiest Man Alive (Channing Tatum, a very safe but very right choice). Instead, it's about a new iHeartRadio survey which names Ellen DeGeneres the most likable person in Hollywood.

Now, I don't disagree that DeGeneres is likable. XOJane's Jane Pratt isn't the only person who wants to marry the talk show host, who has managed to dominate daytime TV with a perennially quick sense of humor, a sensitive nature, and some sick dance moves. There's a reason the comedienne has managed to become one of TV's top earners — not only has she come a long way since starring in the horror that was Mr. Wrong, but she's damn good at her job to boot.

Still, DeGeneres the most likable celebrity in Hollywood? That might have been true in 2012 or 2011, or could even ring true in 2014. But, sorry Ellen — this year belongs to another celebrity, who has spent her 2013 proving herself to be the most likable lady in Tinsel Town:

Jennifer Lawrence wants to know, guys — why aren't you paying enough attention to her! Everything she says is funny and adorable! True, the actress finished second (in front of Emma Stone in third place), but the results are shocking. That said, perhaps Lawrence has had enough 2013 love — why not give someone else a shot? After all, even she knows to avoid accepting too much goodwill in Hollywood:

Still, we have one more issue with you, iHeartRadio survey-takers: We love DeGeneres, Lawrence, and the rest, but you didn't include Amy Poehler on this list?