8 People You Always Run Into When You're Home for the Holidays, According to Clickhole — VIDEO

We have been blessed with yet another brilliant, perfectly-timed video from Clickhole that tells it how life really is. This time, it's about the people we bump into when we're visiting our hometowns for the holidays. And I'm sure you've read enough "Here Are All The Monsters You Will Awkwardly Run Into When You're Home For The Holidays" articles to know exactly what and who I'm talking about.

Clickhole, which is basically one giant troll of Internet culture, parodies the articles that list off all the people who used to be in your life and paints them in a pretty negative, but humorously belligerent way. And I know this because I've written those articles. In order to craft a funny, relatable article, writers usually wedge all the humans they know into some kind of character trope and play off of pretty severe stereotypes. For example, you'll always see, without fail, "The Ex-Boyfriend/Girlfriend." You'll see "The Class Clown," or "The Goody Two-Shoes." And they're all basically identical. I do it, I'm not sorry, but that doesn't mean I don't also love to laugh about it.

In this video, Clickhole makes you the stereotype. You become the needy ex-boyfriend, the valedictorian who went nuts, the difficult son or daughter, and the godless criminal. What can you take away from all of this? Well, just keep in mind: When you go home for the holidays this week, remember that you're probably not the only one dreading to see everyone you know.

Image: YouTube