This Lush Bath Products Commercial is Like Fantasia With Toiletries, And I'm in Awe of its Beauty — VIDEO

If you've ever wondered what the Big Bang recreated with toiletries would look like, today is your lucky day. The newest Lush bath products commercial is an awe-inspiring mini-movie that conjures up psychedelic galactic imagery with incandescent clouds of glitter and swirling wisps of color. Not to mention it makes me want to take a bath pretty hard.

The four minute long rhapsody features the company's signature bath bombs plunging into water and exploding like supernovas. It begins with a message about the cruelty-free products used in the experiment: "Made using fresh, handmade products and ingredients. Nothing is tested on animals."

According to The Daily Mail, the short film was made by renowned visual effects studio, The Mill, and reportedly took inspiration from the movies of filmmaker David Attenborough. The piece even necessitated its own original score, played by a 45-piece orchestra. As if there wasn't enough artistic influence/ collaboration going on in this trance-inducing mini-movie, the brand was also influenced by the input of their social media followers, who were encouraged to share their "bath art photos" under the hashtag #lushtime.

As The Daily Mail reports, the brand explained their rationale in releasing this movie around the holiday season. "After the ominous scenes of Black Friday and the emotional hijacking of corporate Christmas adverts we simply want to show the world a colorful, liberating piece of artistic creativity."

In this writer's opinion, they totally nailed it. It's great to have an alternative to the typical holiday season commercials that are driven by consumerist imperatives.

Lush's mesmerizing piece not only showcases creativity, it sort of taps your inner child on the shoulder, saying, "Wanna see something cool?" It's like an adult-friendly baby geniuses tape. It's stunning. It's full of color. It brings you back to a time when things that have become familiar to you with age were strange and fascinating. Other than, you know, showing your loved ones how much you love them, that's what makes the holidays magical: throwing yourself back to the kid days.

Image: Lush