'Home Alone' as a Horror Movie Is Even Scarier than the Original — See the Awesome Trailer Recut

Is your family starting to get tired of you forcing them to watching reruns of schmaltzy holiday movies this Christmas? Then this recut of Home Alone as a horror movie might be the perfect alternative. Sure, everyone likes to talk about how the movie is every parents' worst nightmare (and every child's favorite daydream), but let's be honest: The Nightmare Before Christmas has the whole "twisted combination of terrifying weirdness and heartwarming holiday feels" thing on lock. Sorry, John Hughes. Until YouTube user Bobby Burns made Home Alone into a trailer for a typical scary movie, that is. Suddenly, the so-incompetent-they're-harmless burglars seem much less bumbling and slapstick, and more like something out of one of those home-invasion slasher movies. It's amazing how much some jump cuts and atmospheric music will make anything at least 200 percent more nerve-wracking. The video made even "The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" sound a little creepy, which is impressive.As awesome as the video is, though, I have to say I feel like there's an opportunity missed here. The movie is basically two hours of a child wreaking havoc on two hapless criminals, using increasingly elaborate methods to inflict bodily harm from afar. Sound familiar?

Next year, someone should recut it with Kevin as the villain, because creepy children are always way more terrifying than adults. Internet, I'm counting on you to make it work.Watch the video below, and then maybe watch the real movie to reassure yourself that Kevin does actually make it out alive at the end.

Image: 20th Century Fox; Giphy