Man Stages His Own 'Amazing Race' to Propose To Girlfriend, And You Have to See It

Thanks to the Internet, we’ve seen our fair share of memorable engagements, but one Phoenix man’s recent Amazing Race -themed proposal may just top the list. Justin Scheman, an Arizona radio show producer, recently popped the question to his girlfriend Diana Bishop by tricking her into believing she was a contestant on the online edition of the long-running reality competition.

Apparently, the two are big fans of the show, and had binge-watched 18 seasons of it as a couple since they’ve been together. So when it came time to propose, Scheman decided to make it a part of their story. After successfully tricking Bishop into believing the two were contestants, they teamed up for a 5,000-mile adventure that spanned six states and two countries. The prize for completing the race was a trip to Iceland, which is where — you guessed it — Scheman got down on one knee and asked for Bishop’s hand in marriage under the northern lights. It’s hard to dream up a more amazing location for a proposal than that.

Making the whole elaborate scheme even more impressive? Scheman reportedly planned the entire thing in only six weeks, hiring people on Craiglist to assist him with the clues and challenges, and a cameraman to get it all on tape. Bishop was completely fooled, and didn’t even realize it was a ruse until Scheman himself confessed while they were on their way to Iceland. Needless to say, she was shocked, and I don’t blame her. From the looks of the video, Scheman’s staged Amazing Race was incredibly detailed. He even used actual release forms! Now that’s what I call commitment.

Of course, the entire journey only became even more unforgettable once Scheman actually popped the question. Now, they’re happily engaged— and have one heck of a story to tell their friends and family. Ah, love. What an adventure.