This Mountain Covered in Ice Doesn't Even Look Real (Who Even Knew "Freezing Fog" Was a Thing?) — PHOTOS

If you ever want to experience Frozen in real life (and I'm not talking about Disneyland), you have to check out this insane ice mountain. Photographer (and very brave, cool human) Marko Korosec climbed Mount Javornik in eastern Slovenia, which is a popular area to go skiing. What he found there was absolutely stunning and breathtaking, a formation seemingly out of a Game of Thrones episode (perhaps the White Walkers' castle?), or something equally mystical eerily ethereal. So what I'm really saying, is Anna, you best work on your game. Because you've got nothing on these Mount Javornik ice creations.

When you see the photos, you will notice that everything on this ice palace mountain range had been embalmed with really hard, opaque layers of ice, formed by high winds and freezing fog. Oh nature, how awesome and godly you are. Korosec stated that the icy spikes forming from the tower were over 3-feet long, which doesn't seem major, but once you see the photos, you'll get how insanely majestic that really is.

Although it's probably really difficult to travel to these parts of the world (it's also really, really cold), you can experience this awesome phenomena through Korosec's Twitter.

Images: Marko Korosec/Twitter