16 Bizarre Things Inspired By 'Frozen'

by Kadeen Griffiths

Frozen has gone from Disney movie to cultural phenomenon in just a few short months, so quickly that people are still trying to figure out how to handle it. Whether you're still getting swept away in the Frozen wave or you're going to cry if you have to hear one more Frozen reference (okay, bye...), you can't deny that the zeitgeist has been a different place ever since Frozen came out. It looks like the eternal winter hit more than just Arendelle; it's summertime and people are still talking about how Once Upon a Time is going to handle Frozen when they bring Elsa to Storybrooke in season four. Is this ever going to end?

Even if it does — and I'm hoping it doesn't — that won't change the fact that there are plenty of things that Frozen has inspired, many of which will probably last longer than the fervor for the movie does. Trends and crazes come and go, but even if society forgets what inspired a particular product, it can keep the memory alive as sort of an inside joke to lingering fans. Not everything that was inspired by Frozen is a physical thing that someone can hold in their hands, but sometimes that's even better. You can lose an item, but you can't lose how Frozen made you feel.

So, what exactly are just a few of the strange things that Frozen has inspired?

1. Baby Names


There has been a rise in the popularity of baby names inspired by Frozen in 2014. The most popular of these is, obviously, Elsa, which has entered the top 100 most popular baby names for the first time ever. I wonder how long it will take Elsa to beat out Emily for the number one slot.

2. Tattoos


A model with a Frozen-inspired tattoo was spotted by a New York Times style reporter on Monday. The tattoo was the name Idina written in Disney font. As everyone knows, Idina Menzel was the voice of Elsa in Frozen and it's starting to seem like that role will overshadow her famous one as Maureen Johnson in Rent.

3. Parodies


There's no point in trying to link to the many, many, many parodies of Frozen songs that are available on the Internet. Even just looking up "frozen parody" on YouTube will give you page after page of relevant results. There have also been memes based around Frozen or around blending Frozen with other things, like Game of Thrones.

4. Father-Daughter Bonding

Shelly Stephenson on YouTube

As a direct result of the above, there seems to be an increase in father-daughter bonding, at least for the duration of one Frozen song. The most common parody video to watch is a father and daughter singing "Let It Go", probably because it's adorable and allows dads to feel hip.

5. Impersonators


This will probably come as a surprise to absolutely no one, but there's a girl who looks exactly like Elsa wandering around outside of Disneyland. Her name is Anna Faith and she's now a full-fledged Elsa impersonator who isn't on Disney's payroll yet, but it's just a matter of time until she is. Or until they sue.

6. Divorces


Did you hear about the Japanese woman who wanted a divorce because her husband didn't like Frozen? Now, don't get me wrong. Disliking Frozen is a serious conflict of interest. I ran into it myself with my own best friend. However, it's not the be-all end-all of relationship compatibility, guys, I promise.

7. Engagement Rings


Fans used the customizable jewelry site Gemvara to make Frozen-inspired engagement rings, because if Frozen can cause divorces then it can definitely also cause weddings. I'm shocked that no one has hosted an entire Frozen-inspired wedding yet, but, hey, it's not winter yet.

8. Ice Cream

The next time you're in Korea, you can grab yourself a refreshing Frozen ice push-up pop. Literally. It's got Elsa's face on it and everything, because the next best thing to building a snowman is eating a snowman builder. Or something.

9. Hairstyles


If you watched Frozen and were crazy jealous of Elsa and Anna's hairstyles, there are a thousand and one YouTube videos that will teach you how to style your hair like in Frozen. There's even one Frozen hairstyle video endorsed by Disney themselves.

10. Makeup


On the long list of Disney merchandise you probably can't get your hands on anymore is Frozen-inspired makeup. Whether you want to do your makeup like Elsa or Anna, or your child does, there's a little something for everyone.

11. Prom Dresses


Disney princesses and prom dress inspirations basically go hand-in-hand, so why would Frozen be any different? Naturally, this Frozen-inspired dress is based on Elsa's outfit rather than Anna's. You know, because Elsa's is more befitting a queen.

12. Parties


Do you wanna throw a party? Well, obviously you do and obviously you can throw one with a Frozen theme. Of course, distinguishing it from your average winter themed party might be a little tough, but the Internet has plenty of how-to guides to help you throw the best Frozen party in Arendelle.

13. DIY Crafts

30 Minute Crafts

Remember that time Disney had a shortage on Frozen merchandise? It became kind of important for parents to start making their own do-it-yourself crafts in order to keep their children happy during the drought.

14. Riots


Speaking of that same Disney shortage on Frozen merchandise, angry parents flooded the Disney stores and the Disney Facebook with angry messages and comments because apparently people aren't afraid to fight for their fictional queen.

15. Tourism


Arendelle is basically a fictional Disney version of Norway, so it makes perfect sense that the release of Frozen has led to an increase in tourism in Norway. Airports are experiencing a 57 percent increase in flights from New York alone.

16. Female-Driven Films


Frozen isn't the first film starring female leads that's ever been made, but it's one of the films that's really contributed to Hollywood waking up and realizing female-driven films do better at the box office. Even if you're getting sick of Frozen, you've got to thank it for that.

Image: Disney; MatthewSchneier/Twitter; owlerart/Tumblr; AnnaFaithxoxo/Instagram; Gemvara; Disney; frozenmerch/Tumblr; Neatorama; BabyZone; 30MinuteCrafts