Accessories I Would Buy Myself For Christmas if I Had a Lot More Money — From the Crafty to the Super Sleek

OK, fine. I'm not all that religious, but I love Christmas. I love the smell of the tree, the twinkle of the ornaments, the sappy sentiments and the themed music. I love that my family gets together to eat and drink and laugh. I love that no one takes off their pajamas until the evening. I love watching little kids rip through wrapping paper. I love that my dad still makes me a stocking like when I was 10, and I love that there are presents for everyone under that tree. This year, I am wishing for accessories. But they are not all what you would expect.

Confession: When it comes to style, I have trouble following a plan. Sometimes I love the stuff that struts the runways and other times I am mystically in love with a two-dollar pair of hot pink leopard sunglasses that I bought from a street vendor in Bangkok. I think this is how fashion should be, dictated not by this season's look or your stylish friend who is in the know, but by what makes you feel glamorous, delicious and delightful. That is not to say that the runways and fashion designers aren't amazing. They are, but I don't want a purse just because it's the most coveted of the season. I want a purse because I need it — because it speaks to me — because it whispers, "You and me, we belong together."

So, with that in mind, this list of Christmas accessory desires may seem to stray from one extreme to the other — but that is because I am not one thing. I am many. My sense of accessory style speaks multitudes.


Tumbleweeds Handicraft describes their products as "Handcrafted Goods for Exceptional Humans." Love it. While I am partial to the above, there are a lot of shapes and wood veneer styles to choose from.

Holiday Mosaic Wood Veneer Sunglasses, $129,


Pricey but worth it. France Lux makes all kinds of hair accessories — for both the thin and thick haired — and I cannot get enough. Honestly, I'm partial to anything tortoise. ($7-$734)


Like MANY others, I adore shoes, but there is nothing I like better than flats that are funky and fun but can be worn as easily as a neutral colored shoe. These are them — perfect with denim.

Jerrie Rose Specchio Ballerina Flat, $378,


I am particularly taken with these Kate Spade beauties, but I'm open to suggestions.

Angelique Heels, $350,


This is the piece de la resistance. I am in love with this bag. I go to the stores to visit her and pray that no one will buy her before she goes on sale.

Biker L, $898,

OK Santa — there's my list. You know where the tree is. I'm waiting. You have one night.

Images: Courtesy Brands; Instagram