10 Celebrities Whose Careers Hit Some Huge Highs & Lows in 2014

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2014 has marked a lot of time spent with old friends. Fading veterans taking stabs at a renewed stardom, long bridled talents breaking loose into untested territories, and ubiquitous power players holding strong to their status quo celebrity. For some, the year has allowed for box office milestones, critical acclaim, and successes of all sorts. For others, 2014 has been a tragic undertaking: commercial flops, critical pans, and your unavoidable tabloid scandals. But most of our favorite Hollywood icons got a taste of both extremes this year, reminding us that the showbiz game is about as fickle a racket as high school popularity.

Looking back through the year, we’ll find some high highs and low lows attached to our many beloved big name actors and directors — some equally surprising indie hits and blockbuster bombs. But did everyone break even, or did some resilient thespians come out on top? Will a few be leaving 2014 worse for the wear? Did Angelina Jolie have the best year of her life? Does Matt Damon wish he could have skipped straight over these chaotic 12 months? Check out this assessment of how 2014 treated ten of our favorite movie stars… and let’s all keep in mind how tough the times have been for some of these folks before succumbing to our knee-jerk impulsions to trash them on Twitter.

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