BaubleBar Has Emoji Bracelets (That Are Actually Cute), and Yes, The Monkey is Included

It's safe to say 2014 was the year of tech. From stylish, wearable tech to all kinds of emoji themed clothing — tech dominated the fashion industry. And now there's a new line of emoji themed accessories, that yes, includes the stressed out monkey. BaubleBar has emoji themed bracelets, so your ironic texting pals just got a whole lot cuter.

Charm bracelets seem to never go out of style, and though most of us have graduated from BFF and peace sign charms to something slightly more mature and bohemian (think a feather or a bird), charms are one of those accessories that is universally loved, and now they've embraced the tech culture, too, with BaubleBar's emoji charms. The thin, gold bracelet features your favorite emojis, with choices including Kissy Face, Lovestruck, Lovestruck Cat, Monkey See, OK Sign, Praise Hands, and Smirk. So basically all the go-to's.

Unlike a lot of the preciously released emoji merchandise (yeah, I'm talking about you, emoji face masks) these bracelets are actually cute, and the best part? They're cheap! They normally retail for $32, but are being offered for $10 right now, so if you need a last minute gift or just want to 'treat yo self' for Christmas, head on over to BaubleBar and check them out in all their adorableness.

Images: BaubleBar; Flickr