'Glee' Season 6 Premiere Photos Show Familiar Faces in Lima

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We're going back to Lima, gleeks, and it's not going to take long for our favorite familiar faces to meet us there. FOX has released Glee Season 6 premiere photos and it looks like the whole gang will be back at McKinley for the series' last premiere episode. Most Glee fans already knew that most of the original New Directions would be returning for the series' last hurrah in 2015, but I wasn't going to get my hopes up that they'd all be back for the first episode. Apparently, I was wrong — not only will the one and only Santana Lopez be back, but just about the entire original cast will return for the premiere, "Loser Like Me/Homecoming." The two-hour Glee Season 6 premiere will air on Jan. 9 and, while I still have my doubts about the final season doing the series justice, these photos are giving me all of the feels.

And, thankfully, it doesn't seem like there's a "Don't Stop Believin'" number in sight.

Image: Jennifer Clasen/FOX

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