Taylor Swift And Lena Dunham Prove That You And Your Bestie Don't Have To Have The Same Fashion Sense — You Can Still Look Like Joint Street Style Stars

Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham are quickly becoming America's favorite bestie couple. The pair took a stroll in NYC's TriBeCa neighborhood today, and they were spotted laughing, holding hands, and overall just making everyone have serious best friend envy. They did more than make me wish I could have been a third member of their wander in the city, though. Swifty and Dunham proved that no, you and your best friend don't have to have the same sense of style to look fabulous walking side-by-side.

Swift yet again cemented her place in street style royalty in a camel cape coat, black heeled booties, a berry-hued scarf, and toasty warm earmuffs. The "Not That Kind Of Girl" author wore a baby pink wool coat, burgundy boots, gray jeans, and a checked bowler bag. Even though their fashion choices aren't in line — Swift's style is more classic glamour and Dunham's style more feminine-meets-punk — their outfits still complement each other perfectly.

Me and my best friend do happen to have the same style, which I admit comes in very handy when we're buying gifts for each other, but many of my other friends and I couldn't be further apart when it comes to our selections. While I'd describe my style as trendy and minimalist, many of my friends lean towards colorful and preppy pieces. It's good to know we can still look fabulous as a pair in totally different styles. You keep doing you, Taylor and Lena.

Images: Twitter/@YahooCelebrity, @TheCut