Rihanna Posts No Makeup Selfies and Looks Flawless, Plus Other Celebs Who Look Better Without Makeup

Did they or did they not actually wake up like that? In a world of Instagram filters, photoshop, and some pretty legit makeup tricks, you'll be hard pressed to find celebrities, or even your friends, for that matter, in their natural state when it comes to posting pictures on social media. But surprisingly, Rihanna went makeup free in new selfies, and I'm just wondering why she even goes through the effort to put on (and let's be real, to take off) any type of heavy makeup, cause girl looks better without it.

RiRi posted several photos to her Instagram on Monday while she was getting ready (what for, we don't know), showing her bare, makeup-less face. It's certainly not the usual for celebrities, who tend to share the glammed up after pictures rather than the plainer before shots, but the singer treated us to her fresh-faced beauty, and to be completely honest, she looks even better natural than she does all made up. But the 26-year-old isn't the only celebrity who looks stunning sans makeup. Here's a look at some bare-faced celebrities who might as well leave the mascara and foundation in the drawer, because honestly, they look just as good without.

Hilary Duff

With her pale skin and blonde hair, Duff looks better fresh faced.

Kim Kardashian

Kim's makeup is generally far too heavy and borders on costumey, which isn't necessary when she looks like this without it.

Cameron Diaz

Cam is just as bright and beautiful whether the eyeliner is on or off.

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda rarely wears makeup to begin with, so seeing her bare face isn't exactly shocking. And PS, talk about a natural beauty.

Jennifer Lawrence



Beyonce is queen with or without a made up face.

Kerry Washington

Washington went (basically) make-up free on the cover of Allure, proving not even magazine covers need to be all glitz and glam.

Cara Delevingne

Cara is notorious for posting natural selfies, so much so that she's almost unrecognizable when she's all made up.

Images: Getty Images; Allure; marieclaire/Twitter, umajacoby/Twitter, danitajporter/Twitter, ivankaz/Twitter, hollywoodlove30/Twitter, hdexclusive/Twitter; badgirlriri/Instagram