Mindy Can Get You through Single Life on Christmas

There's nothing quite like the dreaded holidays to make us singles of the world feel more like lepers than loved ones. Christmas and New Year's really like to come in with the one-two punch of, "You're alone! Good luck getting through all that mistletoe and champagne without crying!" Suffice it to say, this time of year is not kind to those who are not coupled-off. If I'm reminded one more time what ever kiss begins with, I might go Clark Griswold bonkers on the next salesperson who asks if I need help finding a gift for my boyfriend. Thankfully the land of the singles has a shining beacon of wisdom to get us through the next two weeks: Mindy Kaling.

The star and showrunner of The Mindy Project is one of the most relatable female celebs when it comes to embracing life by your own bad self. Not only does Mindy Kaling speak frankly about feelings so many of us singles share, she also reminds us that we're far from alone. With Kaling in our corner, it's hard to feel bad about a blank relationship status. In fact, she makes it seem like being single on Christmas and New Year's is actually kind of rad, because being your own incredible self is more than enough. Or, you know, totally like this:

Ah, Mindy. You always know how to get right to the core of what I'm feeling. Helping friends shop for their significant others and getting all of those cards reminding you that babies and rings are only worthy of postage can be damaging.

Fear not my fellow lone wolves, Mindy Kaling is here to guide us.

Do things on Your Own Time

Just because you're single, it doesn't mean your time is any less vauable, especially during the busy holidays.

Do What Makes You Happy

You're human, sometimes it just feels good to dish. Just make sure it's around your friends and not your bitter Aunt Caroline, she'll just add fuel to the fire.

Take a Break

The holidays are stressful enough without the rest of the world reminding you just how single you are with endless Facebook engagement announcements and all of those smug couples kissing in the snow. WHATEVER. Use the time off to do you.

Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Shake what your mama gave you at the company Christmas party. Wear that sequin skirt you've been dying to wear but can't find the right occasion. Sing cheesy Christmas songs at the top of your lungs. Who cares? Everyone is so on-edge this time of year to judge.

Face Your Fears Head On

Worried about your relatives giving you crap about skying solo? Sad because you have no one to kiss under the mistletoe? Tell your family to shove it and crab a cutie and lay one on. What's the worst that could happen? Take care of yourself, and do it fiercely.

Say What You Feel

Sometimes it's scary to tell the truth, but it'll feel better than stifling it. Give yourself that gift this season.

Stand Up for Yourself

Words to live by when it comes to New Year's Eve.

Prepare Yourself

Family gatherings and hangovers are coming.

Remember that Being Single is Actually Great

And feel #blessed for not having to send a dopey couple holiday card.

It's Also Totally OK to Feel a Little Blue

Throw yourself a little Christmas pity party, then grab the egg nog, your best friends, and do something fun. It's way better than wallowing, I promise.

Take All the Help You Can Get

Fire shots included.

But if Push Comes to Shove...

Just kidding!

When All Else Fails, Wine Bra

Scientifically proven to help single people get through the holidays.

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