The 29 Most Infamous Last Words Uttered By Famous People in Their Final Moments

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When the final moment comes and we’re about to die, supposedly, there is a calm that comes over us. Those who've had near-death experiences have spoken of feelings of joy and warmth right before the moment of death. If that’s the case, then that might explain why some people’s final words are so memorable. If we were paralyzed with fear, these words might be less eloquent and more of a jumbled mess.

While many final words have been exaggerated or completely made up (No, Oscar Wilde’s last words were not, “It’s the wall paper or me — one of us has to go”), a lot have been accurately documented. We’ve narrowed down some final words from famous writers, musicians, politicians, activists — and even one serial killer — that, at least as final words go, are pretty interesting. Historically, they all appear to be true, and no, sadly, not a single one is as witty as Wilde’s made up last words, but that’s just how it goes. Here are the 29 final words that caught our eye.

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