Kendall Jenner Wore Leather Pants The Right Way

Seems like Kendall Jenner's had an official title turnover from reality star to model — not only did she kill it on the runways this year, but she's developed a seriously enviable model-off-duty street style game. In an outing in L.A. to do some last-minute Christmas shopping yesterday, Kendall Jenner showed the world the perfect way to wear leather pants for casual day-to-day events. Sure, the ones I want are what I like to call "vegan leather" (*cough* fake *cough*) and hers are probably the real deal, but I'm still taking notes.

XIV Karats shopping bag in hand, Kendall paired her chic pants with a loose white tee pushed up on her shoulders and sporty yet chic high tops. Jenner accessorized the look with a simple necklace and oversized matte sunnies.

I don't live in L.A. so I'd probably freeze if I were to try the look out right now, but I'm thinking late spring/early fall next year will be the perfect time for me to work the outfit. But here's to hoping Santa brings me those Athleta faux leather paneled yoga leggings I've been after in a couple days — I might have to update the look for cold weather by wearing a white long-sleeve burnout tee and a bomber jacket, because I don't think I can wait four more months to channel my inner model-off-duty (while staying super comfy, of course.)

Check out more pics of her casual chic outfit over at the Mail Online.

Image: Twitter/@_CelebNewsFeed_