Flash Mob Proposals On Fleek

Flash mob proposals are so on fleek, you guys. Maybe a bit too much. We might actually need to chill on the flash mob proposals, for our own well-being. Eventually the world is just going to reach our maximum cuteness capacity and we're all going to explode into confetti and stuffed animal limbs and the shreds of every dress Zooey Deschanel has ever worn, and in that instant, we can blame people like this guy who proposed with a flash mob dance to "I Think I Wanna Marry You" in Times Square. Yes, GASP, he publicly proposed with the Bruno Mars song about marriage which is such a totally original idea (TOO MUCH SASS? TOO BAD). Seriously though, the fact that this has been done half a million times for some reason will do nothing to abate your weird happy-cry for this pair of perfect strangers.

When Sean decided to make the bold choice of a public proposal to girlfriend Charissa, he doubled the risk by doing it far from home; The couple is originally from Scotland, but Sean, a a soccer player, trains in New York City. He told the Daily Record, "I’m delighted. I was just trying to think outside the box and had some ideas, so I reached out to Broadway Dance Centre and they came up with the dance."

OK, so it wasn't totally "out of the box," but the look on Charissa's face when she realizes what is about to happen is still absolutely priceless. But perhaps not quite as priceless as these cartoon characters who looked the tiniest bit dead inside in the background:

I'm glad that the proposal was well-received, because we've seen a lot of public proposals go awry in the past, including that one particularly unfortunate case where the guy proposed with 99 smart phones (that is one hell of a modern day dude-dowry) and got hella turned down. If it had been 100, maybe she would have gone for it. The world will never know.

What we do know, though, is that it looks like Sean and Charissa are going to live very happy and adorable lives together. Check out the video of the Manhattan proposal:

Images: YouTube