What To Do With All Those Christmas Cards

'Tis the season where we disconnect from our smartphones, tablets, and computers just long enough to write up a few, heart-felt notes of good cheer, re-acclimate ourselves with this thing folks of yore once called the "post office," and send short but sweet messages known as "Christmas cards" that don't disappear from our screens into the ethosphere after 10 seconds. Sending and receiving Christmas cards is arguably one of the best parts of the holidays (behind eating candy for breakfast and, you know, presents), and finding creative ways to display those Christmas cards is kind of like showing the world how many "likes" you got on Instagram — except IRL. So go ahead and throw all those season's greetings in a box where they'll never be seen if you're like, the Grinch or something, or turn your holiday cards into a master display that not only fits in seamlessly with your flawless holiday decor, but shows everyone how much you appreciate their holiday well wishes. (Guys come on it's Christmas — choose the latter.)

Look. I know it's Christmas and I know you're busy — which is why, thankfully, Minted has done all the work for you. The popular stationery company has enlisted the help of several top tier DIY bloggers to help us all take our Christmas card game to the next level, and guys? Their ideas are pretty freaking cute. From cork calligraphy boards to pinwheels to hanging mobiles, here are six different ways to turn you holiday memos into bonafide decorations that will last you through the holiday season and beyond. So stop what you're doing, and start putting those cards to work, now.

1. Make a Wire Frame

This might be the simplest approach of them all, but it's also the perfect way to collect all your cards in one place. Twin sisters Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon from the popular lifestyle blog Alice and Lois use chicken wire to transform an old frame into a stunning display that puts all their holiday cards right where everyone can see them.

Just use mini, decorative clothespins to clip everything in place, and don't be afraid to embellish with a few festive garlands and baubles. The finished product will take you no time at all to complete. When the holidays are over, take down your Christmas cards and replace them with your other photos for a decoration that's always in season. Perfect, right?

2. Make a Card Wheel

This is more or less the same idea, only using different shapes. Bloggers Sarah and Melissa of Alice and Lois once again show off their genius creativity with this festive card wheel. All it took was an old bike wheel with a few cards intermittently woven through the spokes to create this adorable display. A pretty berry branch is the perfect finishing touch to make this feel just like Christmas.

3. Make a card tray

Another Alice and Lois technique that's surprisingly simple. Sarah and Melissa filled an old tray up with black beans to keep their holiday cards perfectly in place, but you can be creative with what you use as filler to make this feel right at home in your, er, home. How pretty would small crystal pebbles look?

4. Make a card table runner

Looking for a built-in conversation starter to help you make sure attention doesn't drift during Christmas dinner? Look no further than this unique table runner. I know — table settings and the like can feel a little stuffy, but this playful take is all about showing off your personality and incorporating the people you love into your festivities. Even if they can't physically be there with you during dinner, they're still there in spirit. The ladies at Alice and Lois used a little bit of tape to make this possible — something you can easily manage on your own.

5. Make a Christmas tree corkboard

This board says it all, and then some (and seriously, how cute is this?). Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth cut out a piece foam board in the shape of a Christmas tree to use as a base, and then cut a slightly larger Christmas tree shape from corkboard to make her actual board. A little bit of spray paint was all that was needed to turn this into a beautiful Christmas tree display that will last way longer than the mini fir you have standing in your living room. Make it as big or small as you want it, or play around with other shapes. Lauren Saylor of a Fabulous Fete makes a similar display that's as merry as they come:

6. Make a card mobile

Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth pieced together this adorable mobile using leftover Christmas cards, paint stirrers, and fishing wire. After spray painting the paint stirrers and attaching them to an embroidery hoop using fishing wire, she tied everything together with three pieces of twine at the top, and hung it up using a keyring. Tiny clothespins hold cards in place along each stirrer. Pretty genius, if you ask us.

Images: Minted Julep; Alice and Lois; Fabulous Fete; Sugar & Cloth