15 Journals to Help You Keep Track of Your New Year's Resolutions in 2015

'Tis the season for making New Year's Resolutions — and finding cute notebooks in which to write down all your goals and promises. The Christmas season has come and gone, and New Year's Eve has flown by in a blur. As you eat what you swear will be the last dessert of the season, mentally promising yourself that you'll join a spin class and maybe try out hot yoga in the new year, think back to all of the resolutions of the past. So often they fall apart by the end of January. Gym memberships forgotten, promises to keep in touch more, read more, and spend less time on Netflix abandoned as they usually are with our busy day to day lives.

This year, pick up a notebook to keep yourself organized in 2015. An organized mind is the start to an organized life. Write down some promises to yourself this year. Ones you'll really keep this time. Write down some goals and ideas for the new year, and keep track of how you progress. It might just be me, but having a cute notebook to write in is half the battle. It's a small motivator to keep writing and progressing. Here are 15 suggestions to get you started!

For the Traveler

This notebook from Rifle Paper Co. is perfect for writing about adventures as they happen, or for planning future trips!

Travel journal, $15, Rifle Paper Co.

For the Dreamer

An intricate pattern of the stars and constellations is perfect to write down your dreams — the ones you have during the day and at night.

Constellations notebook, $9, Etsy

For the Reader

This Kate Spade notebook covered in classic novels is pocket sized so it can be kept with you wherever you go, and serve as a constant reminder to keep reading or writing on the go.

Kate Spade notebook, $17.95, Amazon

For the Movie Buff

Keep your ideas and resolutions organized with this beautiful Wes Anderson-inspired notebook from Etsy.

Grand Budapest Hotel journal, $9.47, Etsy

For the Writer

Keep track of all your ideas, old and new, in this Hemingway-inspired journal from Etsy.

Write Drunk journal, $6, Etsy

For the Always On the Go

These bicycle themed notebooks from Papyrus are the perfect size to throw in your bag, and they contain enough space to host a whole year of journeys and thoughts.

Vintage bicycle mini notebooks, $9.95, Papyrus

For the Optimist

Keep track of all the great things the new year promises to bring with this notebook from Etsy. It is bound to keep a smile on your face all year long.

Little Book of Happy journal, $8, Etsy

For the Friend

This notebook is a great reminder to anyone to keep things light. To … take a “break,” and reflect on things.

Ross Geller notebook, $6.11, Etsy

For the Child in You

Anthropologie has a timeless looking notebook featuring one of the greatest Disney movies ever made, Beauty and the Beast. Motivate yourself to write your own “tale as old as time” this year!

Beauty and the Beast journal, $28, Anthropologie

For the Restless

Maybe your mind is always moving and thinking. When an idea strikes you and it just can’t wait, try out this journal from Etsy so it doesn’t escape!

Restless Mind journal, $12.95, Etsy

For the Caffeine Addict

Here’s everything great about coffee, laid out in one convenient, mug-shaped chart, courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Coffee journal, Urban Outfitters

For the Instagram Obsessed

Never miss a moment of 2015, with your camera OR your notebook. This set from Etsy features classic and Polaroid cameras, perfect for any occasion.

Instagram journal, $8, Etsy

For a Little Dark Humor

Maybe you’ve had it with the holidays. Maybe you’ve binged on Dexter recently. Or maybe you just like your humor a little #dark. If that’s the case, this journal from Etsy is perfect for collecting your thoughts (and giving people a scare).

Journal, $7.89, Etsy

For the No Nonsense Organizer

Moleskine offers the perfect alternative for anyone who wants a no frills way of keeping track of things this year — just a simple lined notebook and blank pages for you to fill.

Moleskine notebook, $12.95, Moleskine

For the One With All the Lists

Etsy’s bucket list notebook is perfect for making plans and crossing them off this year. A canvas journal with a map inside is destined to put you on the right track!

Journal, $25, Etsy