10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas That Will Make Mornings in 2015 Feel Way More Delicious

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Did you include eating a healthy breakfast every morning among your New Year's resolutions this year? Maybe you should! There's no doubt about it: the holiday season is a time of some seriously indulgent eating. Whether you downed a ton of eggnog-flavored dishes or maybe ate a few too many Christmas cookies, the New Year is the perfect time to recharge and reset by adopting healthier eating habits — even if your resolutions don't include losing weight. So what easier way to get healthy than to start eating nourishing morning meals?

No matter how busy or relaxed you are in the mornings, these 10 breakfast ideas are sure to please all tastes — and start your day off on the right foot. From reimagined Eggs Benedict to sweet fruit smoothies, try them out for the best New Year's morning ever.

Image: Crepes of Wrath

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