Son Pays Parents' Mortgage as Christmas Present

Christmas might be over, but all that means is that the adorable YouTube videos of people getting presents have only just begun. This year, the theme seems to be opening letters that make people cry. If you weren't already shredded by the story of a little boy finding out he's going to be a brother by reading a letter from his future sibling, then you're about to get decimated by this video of a son who surprises his parents by paying off their mortgage for Christmas. Watching the obvious love that this family has for each other are all the post-holiday feels you will need and then some.

I think, once we grow up, we all struggle to find appropriate ways to thank the people who created and reared us at the expense of eighteen years of their freedom (and sanity, sorry mom). While parenthood is the kind of debt that can never really be repaid, it must be amazing for this guy to be able to do something this impactful for his parents (who seem completely adorable). What is especially precious about this is that they totally don't see it coming—and their son doesn't give off a single hint of what's coming. In fact, the entire mega-gift came from an unremarkable looking envelope, pulled out of Son of the Year's pocket right before the big surprise happens. His mother is the one who realizes it first:

And she is so overwhelmed, she doesn't even try to explain before handing the envelope over to his father:

But the undeniably best part of this video we only see a brief second of at the end before the camera starts rolling. I don't know if you can tell because their son is wedged somewhere between all of the love, but I have just elected this the Best Group Family Hug of 2014:

Enjoy getting your heart ripped out of its cavity and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Images: YouTube