All He Wanted For Christmas Was A Baby Sibling

Earlier this week, we shared gifts that you could get for kids in your life, but there are a few prolifically awesome things that money just plain can't buy. Well, here's one little dude we all know made Santa's "nice" list, because he got a gift that will top pretty much anything you unwrap this year. Christmas came early for this little boy who finally got his Christmas wish for a baby sibling, after his parents told him in the most adorable way possible: Ethan, the big brother-to-be, opened a letter from his future sibling with his or her first ultrasound picture.

As a person who has a lot of siblings (three, to be exact, although you would think it's an army based on our food consumption), I can tell you that finding out another person is about to join your family is an experience that just can't be beat. This is mostly because it means you can get away with anything now ("HE/SHE DID IT!"), but also because you now have built-in friends for life. And it is clear from Ethan's reaction that he is going to be the best big brother ever. Is it possible to be jealous of a fetus? Because I am. As awesome as my own big brother is, the tears he shed at my birth were entirely different from the happy tears that Ethan shed upon realizing the good news.

Ethan's parents shared that he has been asking for a baby sibling for Christmas since he was two years old, so basically I am demanding an ABC Family movie about this, pronto. This one-minute video of him reading that letter gave me more feels than any of the other holiday racket that came out this year, so I would definitely watch a feature-length film about this family. You can watch the video below, and then smother love your own siblings or the friends that are like siblings directly after, because isn't that what the holidays are all about?

Image: YouTube