Tips For Keeping Fashion and Beauty Resolutions

So you've done it. You've resolved to amend your fashion and/or beauty habits. Kudos! But as many of us have experienced, making the resolution is the easy part. It's the keeping of it that can prove a little tricky. Especially if it's something that is out of your comfort zone. Because let's be real, it's called a comfort zone for a reason. And it's always nice to be in a place that is familiar and trustworthy.

But I think 2014 has done a pretty good job in the way of promoting body acceptance. The use of Photoshop in ads has been called out, nipples are becoming freer, and natural brows are allowed to roam (to name a few). Now, I'm certainly not suggesting that the only time to make changes in your life is when others are already comfortable with it. Still, as 2015 moves forward with various forms of empowerment, perhaps you'll find it easier to join — and keep up with — others in the movement of your choice.

So whether you've resolved to stop biting your nails, let your eyebrows grow in, finally clean out your closet, or just start dressing for you, here are some tips to help follow through with your 2015 fashion and beauty resolutions.

1. Get Organized

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The new year is always a good time to clean out your closet and beauty collection. Choose a new arrangement whether it's by color, style, purpose, brand, etc. to freshen up your wardrobe and makeup and see what you really have. If you find items where you can't remember the last time you wore or used it, it's time to get rid of it. But if you want to give it another chance, move it somewhere you'll recognize as a priority. If you still don't wear or use it within a week, get rid of it.

2. Tell a Friend

Having another person know what your goals are is always helpful, especially if it's someone you see often and trust will make sure you stick to them. You can even take her shopping with you to police your habits and ensure you're sticking to your resolutions. Because who doesn't love another excuse to go shopping?

3. Or Get One Involved

Have a friend with the same or similar goals? Be involved with each other's goals and help stick to resolutions. If you both want to break out of your fashion comfort-zones, pick out outfits for each other. Or if you're both trying to stop biting your nails, schedule weekly polish parties to give yourselves manicures you can resist.

4. Go Old-School

Remember when you used to lay out your outfits the night before so you could sleep in a little longer? Go ahead and put together an outfit that fits your resolution when you have more time. This way, you won't back out last minute and wear something you're used to. Under stress, you're more likely to revert to old habits.

5. Switch Up Your Magazine Subscription

If you find that flipping through fashion and beauty mags leaves you more disheartened than inspired, put it down! Those penguins in National Geographic will never try to sell you any ideas of fashion or beauty that you're not comfortable with.

6. Or Play Arts and Crafts

On the other hand, if those magazines do help you feel inspired, clip what you like, and try to put together similar outfits or makeup looks.

7. Ask for Advice

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If you want to try a makeup look but are unsure how to do it, visit a makeup counter. The artists are full of advice that they will be able to personalize for you. Artists at places like MAC will even show you techniques and let you practice on yourself.

If you want to put together an outfit, visit your favorite store and ask an associate for her opinion. Nordstrom is a great place to start — their associates are extremely friendly and helpful. Of course, making a purchase isn't a requirement for either of these methods, but if an associate spends his or her time assisting you, it's good etiquette to at least snag something small.

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