10 Hangover Drinks to Help You Survive New Year's Day Brunch And Get 2015 Started Off Right

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The best New Year's Eve celebrations — or at least the ones that provide the best stories — often involve a lot of booze. Whether you're single or in a relationship, the 31st is a great excuse to get dolled up and drink with your friends. If you don't remember ringing in the new year, it was probably awesome. The only problem? That New Year's Day hangover is going to be rough.

Though staying in bed and rewatching Friends on Netflix is one way to ride out your hangover and spend New Year's Day, you might actually want to celebrate the first of the year with real-life friends. Who knows, you might even be hosting a brunch for them. If that's the case, don't panic. The right brunch cocktail might be just what the doctor ordered... it's all about finding a drink that your stomach won't hate you for.

From hangover staples like Bloody Marys to seasonal specials (hello, gingerbread hot toddy!), this list includes a range of drink options for your New Year's brunch get-together. Beat your hangover and keep the alcohol flowing in the new year with one of these 10 tasty drink options.

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