Well, This Toddler Just Learned the F-Word

Kids are like the most efficient, prolific human sponges. They learn a lot of things. Like, very, very quickly, and very, very mysteriously. And sometimes, kids learn things they're not really ready to learn quite yet, like how to cuss people out. This little girl in particular has learned the F Bomb, and she is all about it, throwing around this phrase with belligerent (and adorable) reckless abandon. "F**k you! F**k you!" She exclaims to her uncle (who I'm assuming is about to be disowned by the family). And all he wanted to know was whether she loved Santa Claus or Mommy more!

Obviously, it's a little alarming when your child's response to "Who do you love more, Santa or Mommy?" is "F**k you." I mean, I would be wondering where this terminology came from, and if a parent conference at school was in my near future. However (and maybe it's just me), a tiny, secret part of me would probably be proud. Like, yeah, you show 'em what you're made of: grit and bonafide attitude.

All in all, what can we really do about it? Kids say truly weird stuff sometimes, and maybe we should just roll with it. I mean, it's not like children understand the weight of "F you." Or maybe this little girl is totally just trolling all of us and knows exactly what she's saying. F yeah, I say!

Image: YouTube