Welcome This Dude to the Cast of 'Mockingjay'

If you're the kind of person who easily recognizes the secondary characters of late-90s/early-2000s teen-oriented movies, the newest Mockingjay cast member may be a familiar face. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay has cast its Pollux, and it's Elden Henson. You may recognize his face from such classics as She's All That and The Butterfly Effect.

Henson, for those who didn't go "oh, that guy" immediately upon seeing his picture, has been playing The Friend to dashing leading men and ladies for the better part of 20 years (remember Mighty Ducks? He was in that one, too). Now he'll be joining the rebellion as Pollux, an Avox who serves with his brother Castor as the cameramen responsible for filming Katniss's rebellion propaganda spots.

As part of the propo team he will likely be working closely with Natalie Dormer and Evan Ross — as Cressida and Messalla respectively — who head up the rebel's production team. The team is also known for [light spoiler alert??] later heading into battle with Katniss & Company.

Amongst the team, Pollux proves to be very useful when it comes to navigating the Capitol — as an Avox he's got not only a tragic backstory but also the know-how that comes with working in the Capitol's tunnels day in and day out — so it will be interesting to see how Henson approaches the role.

Joining Dormer, and Ross — as well as Jennifer Lawrence, Sam Claflin, and Josh Hutcherson — we can't wait to see Henson and the rest of these rebels all suited up.