Scott Disick's Job History Is Confusing

Scott Disick has been through a lot this season on Keeping Up With the Kardashians spinoff Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons , which airs on Sunday night. Lord Disick's partying got out of control and led him to check into rehab, where he didn't exactly have an easy time. In fact, he left early and Kourtney tried to get him to show her around his version of the Hamptons, since he spent part of his childhood there. Naturally, Scott was totally, well, Scott about it all. And with all that personal drama this season and Kourtney's insistence that he stop doing or limit appearances, you might be wondering what Scott is doing for work these days.

Kourtney and Khloe have the Dash store to set up, but what does Scott do all day aside from make smart-ass remarks? Is he a stay-at-home dad now? Does he have a business he doesn't want to be on camera? Does he rely on those club appearances as his income? This season on Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons, Kourtney got frustrated with her hubby's lack of occupation. She revealed that her first impression of him was, well, that he was annoying and unemployed. In her words — “I just thought he was so annoying. He was four years younger, he lived in New York, he didn’t have a job." Scott's response? “Three kids later, still no job and still no idea where it’s going."

Wait a second — this is a totally different tune than the one that Lord Disick was singing in 2013, when he was telling various media outlets that he was most definitely employed and making his own dough. This is what he said he did back then.


In 2010, Scott told Life & Style magazine that he has plenty of jobs to keep him busy — and he runs several vitamin brands. "You need to understand: I may be a douche to some people, but I actually do run companies. I make a lot of money, and I'm more than capable of supporting myself," he said. "I run multiple companies in the vitamin world -- QuickTrim, Rejuvacare, Monte Carlo Perpetual Tan."

Personal Appearances

According to Amore magazine, Scott "commands" personal appearance fees upwards of $100,000 to $250,000 per event. No word if that commanding is by him or the fans. "I'm young, handsome, successful, wealthy. You could say I'm a role model -- I'm the American dream!" he told Life & Style.

Night Clubs

As we all know, Scott does like to party... sometimes a little too much. On the professional side, he told Haute Living magazine: "I tend to invest money into nightlife businesses the friends of mine that are involved in nightclubs and what not." He also gets paid to party. Yeah, you read that right. In July, Scott agreed to host a boozy independence day party at Harrah's Pool After Dark in Atlantic City. For the gig, he got paid $50,000 to party.

While Scott said he didn't have a job, he does seem to still be making appearances, as he hosted a party with Brody Jenner this past Halloween. Maybe he counts that as more of a paid hobby? Whatever Scott does professionally, as long as it doesn't stop him from appearing on KUWTK and all of its spinoffs, I won't complain.

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