What Is Scott Disick's Job? We Haven't Seen Much of It On 'KUWTK'

I think at some point in our lives, we've all asked ourselves, "What does Scott Disick even do?" He's obviously one of the best (and surprisingly, most complex) personalities on Keeping Up With the Kardashians , and I don't want him to go anywhere anytime soon, but, seriously, what does he do besides roll his eyes at Kim? Does Disick have an actual job? He talks about how much work he has to do all of the time, but I don't even have the slightest idea of what his profession could be or what he does on an average workday.

I like to imagine that he spends a solid three hours picking out which plain shirt he wants to wear, two hours deciding if he wants to "work" inside or outside, three hours taking a much-deserved lunch break, and then two hours napping before he gets ready to go out to a party to promote some kind of flavored vodka. Am I close?

Well, as it turns out, Scott actually has a real-life job, as according to his interview with Haute Living Magazine, he's a businessman. Although, if you read his daily schedule that he gave the magazine, I think we can all agree that my guess is still totally valid. Still, the way he describes his job doesn't explain much.

I’m sure a lot of people have no idea what it is that I do. The truth is I work in various industries. I have done a lot of private label manufacturing in the nutrition biz and have raised money for startup companies. I tend to invest money into nightlife businesses the friends of mine that are involved in nightclubs and what not.

According to Wetpaint, he specifically works with GNC (General Nutrition Centers, Inc.) by running businesses that make products for the company (Quicktrim, Rejuvacare, Monte Carlo Perpetual Tan, and Amidren). To be honest, I still don't really get what his job is, but it doesn't matter because I'd much rather pay attention to what he does on KUWTK. Because isn't it way more fun to watch Scott do whatever he wants than watch him work in a boring office? Check out all of the things Lord Disick actually spends his time doing:

He Gets Art Appraised

In the hopes of getting rich off of a possibly famous painting, this season Scott (and Kourtney) had a handful of people look at a piece of art to see if it was worth something. (It wasn't.)

He Complains About Kourtney Interrupting Him While He's "Working"

Naturally his complaint led to him buying a pointless and unnecessary van as a "mobile office."

He Gets Paid to Make Public Appearances

Anyone else remember when Scott lied to Kourtney about going to Vegas to make an appearance at a party, and then Kourtney and her friend flew there to "surprise" him?

He Goes House-Hunting with Kourtney

Because obviously they need a new home.

He Poses in Mirrors

Work it, Scott.

He Changes Outfits Almost as Often as Kim Does

Only Scott would try to make hot pink work.

He Calls Out the Kardashians for Being Ridiculous.

Someone needs to put them in their place... even if it's Scott.

And, Of Course, He Puts Way Too Much Effort into Acting Like a Lord.

In the end, whether he has a job or not, I don't care at all. I love Lord Disick despite all of his douchey flaws, and I'll forever stick up for him because, when we really think about it, isn't he the most sane Kardashian of them all? (I can't believe I just said that... but it's kind of true.)

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