The 20 Best Feminist Quotes From 2014 That Will Inspire And Motivate You

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If you can say one definite thing about 2014, it's that it was the unofficial year of feminism. The meaning behind feminism was something that was discussed by nearly every major player in Hollywood. The question "do you consider yourself a feminist?" was asked so often that it was almost weird when it wasn't brought up in an interview. While we saw many A-listers embrace the word feminism and all that it means, we also saw an unpleasant amount of celebs set the movement back a little bit (Shailene Woodley, what are you doing, girl?).

Feminism was such a major issue this year that TIME magazine even stated that the word needed to be taken out of our vocabulary (they later apologized for that statement, because why wouldn't they?). Even though it sometimes felt like stars were using their support of feminism as a way to gain popularity, it was still refreshing to see gender equality being discussed so often in the media.

There were so many great things said about feminism this year that are worth remembering, from both male and female celebrities. And while it was certainly amazing to hear some of our favorite famous dudes say great things about feminism (I'm looking at you, Joseph Gordon-Levitt), I wanted to focus on the inspirational things women had to say this year. The 20 best quotes about feminism in 2014 will leave you feeling motivated to try to make some sort of change in the world — or at least to stand up for what you believe in. Here's hoping 2015 is the year where we have even more inspiring quotes — and more importantly, significant changes to the way we view gender equality.

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