7 Food Trends That Need to End With 2014, Starting With Our Ridiculous Kale Obsession

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I was having drinks with a group of fellow bloggers a while back and one of them asked why basically every food in Los Angeles has kale in it. I had no answer for her, because I wonder the same thing. It's not like kale is a new thing, and it definitely wasn't the worst food trend we rolled our eyes at in 2014. Just as fashion fads come and go, so do food fads — though there are definitely a few food trends we'd love to see end, like, now.

But let me preface all this by saying: I will never snark at people who try to eat healthy. Living a healthy lifestyle is an everyday commitment that involves a level of dedication that a lot of people don't have. However, there is a big difference between trying to follow a healthy and balanced diet because it's just common sense to eat things that are good for you, and following a fad diet because a few bloggers you follow on Instagram claim it's healthy.

These are just a few gross/weird/annoying food trends we saw in 2014 that I'm hoping and praying will not make it into 2015.

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