Grandmother Is Mad About Getting an iPhone for Christmas Until She Sees It's Actually Chocolate — VIDEO

I already struggle with finding good enough Christmas gifts for people. So when someone combines excellent gift-giving with A+ pranking like this family who tricked their grandma with a chocolate smart phone, I'm in awe. On Christmas morning, she opened her gift (slowly and adorably, the way only a grandmother can) to find what looked like an iPhone—and she was less than pleased about it. In fact, her thoughts on getting an iPhone for Christmas was basically how most children feel about getting coal in their stockings. Granny is not at all here for the Youths and their Technology. (She is such a better human than us.)

"I have a landline phone," she mumbles. Landline phone? I tried Googling it but I don't even know if I'm spelling it right. What is this nonsense? (I'm only mostly kidding about my smart phone dependency). Even when she fully opens the supposed iPhone up to reveal the chocolate, pulls it out of the plastic wrapping and holds it in her hand, she doesn't quite realize what is happening until someone tells her to take a bite out of it ("I beg your pardon!"), at which point Grandma joins everyone in a hearty laugh at Apple's expense.

I have a confession to make that might alienate me from my generation: Nobody relates more to this grandma than I do. I got my first smart phone approximately three years after the rest of the world did, and after I took it out of the packaging, I didn't connect my service to it for months. This wasn't out of fear that I'd get crazy addicted to it (which I am), but because I genuinely could not handle texting on a screen that small with my thumbs or bear the responsibility of all those apps. If we were all being honest with ourselves, I think we'd all confess to our initial iPhone intimidation. All that commitment! It's like the millennial version of having a child. (You just charge those things up and they're ready to go, right?...Right!?)

The video of the prank is here, so that now you too can be plagued by one of the most existentially frightening questions of your life: What is more important, smart phones or chocolate? Only you can decide for yourself.

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Image: YouTube