What's on TV on New Year's Day? January 1 May Become Your Favorite Day of 2015

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My favorite thing to do on New Year’s Day is to park myself on the couch and enjoy all of the special TV programming. Now some people may find that not to be the most productive way to start their new year, but once you hear what’s on TV on New Year’s Day, you may feel differently. Marathons and college football galore await you as you recover from your well-earned New Year's Eve hangover.

Yeah, yeah. I get that you can watch anything you want on Netflix at anytime. But there's something fascinating about the TV networks choosing what shows and movies they think we want to begin our 2015 with. So embrace having a Thursday off and check out what will be on TV on Jan. 1, 2015.

Please note that all times listed are ET, so make sure you check your local listings.

Image: CBS

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