The Rockettes' Timeless Beauty Look Is Easier to Achieve Than Their Fabulous "Eye-High" Kicks

I've long been bitter about my inability to be a Rockette. It's not their famous high-kicks I'm jealous of, but, rather, their height — all Rockettes are between 5'6'' and 5'10'' tall. At 5'0, I never stood a chance. But even if I can't get up on the Radio City Music Hall stage beside them, I can still snag the Rockettes' timeless beauty look, thanks to a video produced by Refinery29.

Christmas might be over, but the Rockettes' glam french twists, red lips, and mega eyelashes work year-round. Two of the ladies sat down with Refinery29's senior beauty editor Philip Picardi a half-hour before showtime to fill him in on how they get "Rockette-ready" hair and makeup. The look is surprisingly simple to recreate, so don't shy away from trying it out at home.

What's the secret to a killer French twist? Dirty hair! The video suggests you mist your hair with water to help slick it back before you begin. Next up, the ladies apply their false eyelashes using clear lash glue so mistakes are less visible and ending with two coats of mascara to blend fake and real lashes together for a more natural look. The final step is to apply a bright red lip, of course! MAC Russian Red and Revlon Certainly Red are two Rockette-approved shades.

Refinery29 on YouTube

If you're still at a loss for a New Year's Eve beauty look to compliment the bangin' outfit that I know you've already picked out, a little Rockette-inspired red lip might be just the thing. Even if you can't kick yourself in the face, at least you can fake it like Stephen Colbert.

Image: klassickolbert/Tumblr