Obama's Holiday Golf Forced Two Soldiers To Relocate Their Actual Wedding

Many people have many different ideas on things Obama should do in the last stretch of his presidency. What should be done in Syria? What about the minimum wage? Is immigration reform going far enough, or too far? But there is one bipartisan agreement I think we can all come to — get a new hobby. In the latest dammit-not-again moment, two soldiers had to relocate their wedding for Obama to golf.

I think Obama is about to top Tiger Woods as the most infamous golfer. Like, how much political trouble can you get into before you just give it up?

Natalie Heimel and Edward Mallue, Jr., both Army captains, were set to be married last Sunday at the Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course in Hawaii. On a whim, they had invited Obama to the nuptials, knowing that he spent Christmas on the island. On Saturday, the day of their rehearsal, they received a letter from the president declining the invitation and wishing them happiness. Understandable. I doubt that Obama gets to accept many wedding invitations. But that wasn't the end of their correspondence on behalf of POTUS. The same day they received the letter — the day before the wedding — the couple found out that they would need to move the ceremony for Obama's 18 holes.

It probably isn't as bad as it seems. They had back-up locations ready to go in case of such golfing gaffes, and the couple was able to get hitched on schedule. Plus, it is unclear that the White House knew that they would be scheduling the round over a wedding. I doubt Obama was laughing maniacally at the thought of interrupting the union of two heroes.

Bloomberg Politics reported the story and said that after requesting a comment from the White House about the incident, Obama personally called the bride to apologize and say congratulations. So not a bad compromise there, getting a call from the president. I think the only people who got Obama to buy them lunch after he cut them in the infamously long line at Franklin Barbecue in Austin.

Images: Getty Images