18 Things You Should Know Before Your First Time

Most people in movies, TV shows, pop songs, and real life are reasonably nervous about their first time because, let's face it, sex can be a totally weird, scary, and confusing thing for most people. Earlier this month, Bustle readers compiled a list of things they wish they had known before losing their virginities, including "there will be weird noises," "your gag reflex might need some work," and "it's all about the second time" — but no list is exhaustive, so we turn to Buzzfeed's 18 Things No One Ever Told You about Losing Your Virginity.

Both sets of lists contain tips about fluids (there will be a lot of them), pain (there will probably be some), and love (there might be none), which is pretty telling about what most people should expect losing their virginity to be like. One thing is important to remember, though: sex for the first time is a vastly different experience for everyone and just because one person suggested that "it doesn't need to be with your one true love, but it should be with someone you care about" doesn't mean you have to follow that rule, or any for that matter.