Who Is 'Little Women: LA' Star Tonya Dating? She's Making Changes for the New Season & New Year

Season 2 of Little Women: LA is arriving on New Year's Day, and this season is throwing everything from Season 1 into question. Ringleader Terra Jole's best and oldest friend, Tonya, actually split from her boyfriend between the first and second seasons, and is back on the market. During the Season 1 finale, Tonya and Trevor were still together, but things were not particularly close between them. It really seemed as though this Little Women: LA relationship was on its way out.

You know what? This is a great development. While they got along and seemed to be attracted to one another, it never seemed like Trevor was all that serious about getting into a relationship with Tonya. And Tonya clearly wasn't moved to the ends of the Earth to stick up for him, either. He was nice enough for her to spend some time with, but she couldn't even be bothered enough to get mad at him for disrespecting her by saying that he would cheat on her.

Tonya's a little older than the other ladies, so she's not facing the urgency and pressure of getting married and getting pregnant. She already has a 22 year-old daughter, Angelique, and only started dating again once she sent her kid to college. She admits that she could have started earlier, but she was hesitant because she didn't want to bring unknown men into her daughter's life. But now, she's ready to get back on the scene, and start looking for a brand new guy.

Trevor acted as her palate cleanser. Now she's ready for a more serious relationship, like her BFF Terra and her boyfriend, Joe. While we've seen Terra and Joe fight almost constantly, they've always been passionate. Terra doesn't let Joe walk all over her and Joe doesn't let Terra pressure him into doing something he's not interested in doing. While they don't always get along, they choose to stay together every day. And that's why they're still together, while Tonya is rightfully back to being single for the moment.

Now, Tonya needs to look for another boyfriend (at her own pace, of course), and I hope Terra will help a girl out. She knows a lot of people in their industry, and whomever Tonya goes out with has got to respect her decades of work as a stuntwoman and be in awe of how amazing she looks. There's no doubt that Tonya's still got it — and she deserves a smoking hot new guy to go along with her new season.

Images: Richard Knapp/Lifetime; Giphy