When Does 'A to Z' End? The Finale Is Way Sooner than "Z"

If you gave the show more time than NBC did, you probably discovered that you really loved A to Z . Its charming writing and more charming cast (I'm looking at you Ben Feldman) gave the old rom-com TV show concept a breath of fresh air. It follows Andrew and Zelda, a couple whose relationship is on a time limit from the very first episode. But despite the idea that I was rooting for a couple that in all likelihood may not last, I still found myself rooting for them. Unfortunately, the rooting is coming to an end, as A to Z is set to air it's final episode in January, despite a valiant effort by executive producer Rashida Jones.

After only five episodes, the show was canceled by it's lifeline, NBC. The good news in the situation was that the show was allowed to air the remainder of its filmed episodes, plus continue production to round out the 13 episodes in NBC's original order. But that was it. No more. For fans of the show, the idea of the show ending smack dab in the middle of the alphabet, "M," is disappointing and unfulfilling, but at least the show has been adjusted to end with some closure for Andrew and Zelda.

The show will air a new episode, "J is for Jan Vaughn," on New Year's Day, which will be the first of the final four episodes. According to Futon Critic, the final episode will air Jan. 22. This will be the last episode unless fans of the show come together and watch, watch, watch, and prove to NBC that it is still greatly desired for the network. Even then, though, it's hard to not feel like you're cries are falling on deaf ears. But please NBC, LET US GET TO "Z," THAT'S ALL WE WANT!

As mentioned before, executive producer Rashida Jones has been trying to save the show, with the help of Twitter, by sharing the hashtag #SaveAtoZ. Ben Feldman, the leading man on the show, did a great job describing what the situation of the show is like to Seth Meyers back in November. Take a look at the charm behind his description of being bailed on for a football game and a popular girl name Shonda.

If fans continue watching the show, there is still a slight chance that A to Z could be saved. It has worked in the past for shows like The Killing on AMC and NBC's own Community. So even after Jan. 22 passes, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Images: Ben Cohen/NBC/Warner Brothers