Here's How To Stream 'Galavant' Online & Watch On-Demand, So You Don't Miss a Beat of This New Medieval Musical

If only real life could be like a musical. Seriously, how bad could life really get if once every 15 minutes or so, everyone around you just burst into song? If we could just dance-break our cares away, well, we'd all be much happier. Unfortunately, real life includes a lot more boredom and a lot fewer spontaneous ballads, so we'll just have to stick to watching musicals on television for now. Which is why I'm very excited about Galavant, a new four-part musical set among the knights, royals, and peasantry of medieval times (the era, not the theme park). The show premiers on ABC on Jan. 4, but who actually watches TV on a TV anymore? (Not people from the thirteenth century, that's for sure.) If you need to know how to watch or stream Galavant online and on demand, then keep reading.

And if you're not so into the musical theater genre, well, now's a great time to get interested. Galavant comes from the brilliant minds of Alan Menken (songwriter for Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Enchanted, and a ton more) and Dan Fogelman (writer of Crazy, Stupid, Love., aka the film that made you fall in love with Ryan Gosling). Together, these two are responsible for basically every good movie from your childhood and beyond. Plus, Galavant looks really funny. Here's a sneak peak, in song:


How can you watch Galavant on your own schedule? Here are your online and on-demand options:

ABC allows viewers to catch its shows on the network's website. For primetime programs like Galavant, however, you may have to wait up to a week to watch. That's a real bummer if you're want to keep up with the cultural conversation about the show — but it also allows for easy binging if you can stand to wait a few weeks. Best of all: it's free.


This option works if you already watch ABC shows on TV, and now you're looking for another way to keep up with your favorites or check out new premiers. WATCH ABC is free if you already pay a cable provider, and it allows you to watch the network in real time on any device, so you don't have to worry about spoilers.


Another option is buying the episodes one at a time from iTunes. Each 20-minute episode is available for purchase for $2.99, or you could get the whole season for $19.99 — a bargain, considering there are currently at least eight episodes planned for Season 1.

Google Play

If you don't belong to the cult of Apple, you can also buy single episodes or full seasons from the Google Play store. The price per episode is bit cheaper than iTunes: $1.99. The full season costs the same, however: still $19.99.

You should also know that, on all these services, a 20-minute behind-the-scenes special is available for free. That means you have zero excuses not to start delving into Galavant right now. Be warned: that super catchy theme song will get stuck in your head. But that's just another perk of musicals.

Images: Nick Ray/ABC; Giphy (4)