14 Celebrities Who Got Arrested in 2014, Because Justin Bieber Wasn't the Only One

Not everyone is into making New Year's resolutions, but I can think of 14 people who should at least consider it. There were plenty of celebrity scandals happening in 2014, and plenty of celebs went from photo shoots to mug shots with their arrests and jail sentences. Check out these 14 celebs who got in big trouble this year.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was arrested three times in 2014. He was arrested in January for a DUI when he was drag racing in a Miami. He also had an expired license at the time. AGAIN in January, when he was arrested in Canada for an incident with a limousine driver. And in September, Bieber was arrested for dangerous driving when his ATV crashed into a paparazzi’s mini van. Whew!

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Teresa Giudice

In October 2014, Teresa Giudice was sentenced to 15 months in jail for ”various fraud and tax charges.” Giudice has to turn herself in by Jan. 5, 2015.

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Amanda Bynes

In September 2014, Amanda Bynes was arrested for a DUI. It was also reported that Bynes was under the influence of Adderall. Let’s hope 2015 is a better year for the troubled actress.

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Michael Phelps

Olympian Michael Phelps is no stranger to trouble. He came back into the legal spotlight when he was arrested for a DUI in September 2014. Phelps later announced that he would attend rehab. It looks like the swimmer is taking positives steps in the right direction. Good for him!

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Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf was arrested for disorderly conduct and trespassing during a production of Cabaret on Broadway when he refused to leave the theater. How bizarre.

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Chris Brown

Once again, Chris Brown has had a tough time following the lay of the law. The embattled singer spent 108 days in jail after violating his probation. Hopefully he will try to live 2015 with less scandal.

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Chris Pine

Chris Pine was arrested in New Zealand in March on a DUI charge. Ugh. Why!? He’s too handsome to get in trouble. He should not be driving drunk. So not OK.

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Wiz Khalifa

The rapper was arrested when he had marijuana in his possession at a Texas airport. He did not seem to take it too seriously because he live tweeted the whole ordeal and even posted a jail selfie.

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Alec Baldwin

With such an infamous reputation, it’s a little comical that Alec Baldwin ended up getting arrested for riding his bike in the wrong direction in May 2014. I had no idea that illegal biking was even a thing.

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Hope Solo

The soccer star was arrested for allegedly assaulting her 17-year-old nephew and half-sister in June. Violence is never the answer. It is especially sad to see something like this happen within a family.

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Dustin Diamond

Dustin Diamond is infamous for his offscreen antics. Diamond was arrested in December 2014 for his role in a bar fight. He allegedly pulled out a switch blade during the fight. I sure miss those innocent Screech days.

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Ray J

Ray J was arrested for battery in May 2014. To make matters worse he refused to cooperate with the police.

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Porsha Williams

In April 2014, Kenya Moore had Porsha Williams arrested for their violent encounter at the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show. Williams was arrested again for speeding with a suspended license in December.

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Columbus Short

Columbus Short was arrested three times in 2014. He was arrested twice for domestic abuse against his wife Tanee McCall-Short, and later plead no contest to "misdemeanor spousal battery." The actor was also arrested for his involvement in a bar fight. It was later revealed that the actor has troubles with alcohol and cocaine.

Let’s hope Short, and all of the other celebrities on this list, are able to turn things around in

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