Katy Perry Wins Christmas Onesies Forever with Her Gingerbread Man Suit

Christmas is so last year, am I right? We're practically at the start of 2015 — the holidays are long gone and forgotten! The world has now focused its attention on the next big event: New Year's Eve. So why is one A-list singer still donning holiday gear? Katy Perry wore a gingerbread man onesie, expressing her desires to win Best Dressed of The Year And the mystery remains.

Clearly, Perry is a big fan of graphic onesies. The image of that pepperoni pizza getup she wore in public will forever be ingrained in my mind (see below to refresh your memory). She has also made us aware of her love for Christmas, per her casual selfie with Santa, so it's no surprise she's combined the two in her latest fashion statement. She is a little late to the party though with her recent holiday cheer.

In an Instagram photo posted on Tuesday captioned "#OOTW!!! I hope it's not too late to get best dressed 2k14." Perry is decked in full-on, head-to-toe gingerbread man attire that she should have worn ON Christmas, not 5 days after. While the onesie is totally adorable, I'm afraid it might quickly get her on the worst dressed list by the folks at Fashion Police.

As promised, here is the frightening pizza onesie she wore earlier this year.