11 New Year's Eve Foods to Munch on 'Till Midnight, Because You're Going to Need Some Snacks While You Wait for the Ball to Drop

For many of us, New Year's Eve is a time to reflect on the last 12 months, set a few goals for the months ahead, and then eat. Because honestly, once you get all that introspection out of the way, NYE is essentially one huge party, and thanks to these seriously amazing New Year's Eve snacks, you can bet it's going to a be a freaking awesome party.

Whether you're hosting a swanky, champagne-filled fete, or you plan on just kicking it back with Netflix and your cat, you're going to want something to munch on while you wait for the ball to drop. And whether you're a fan of all things sweet or savory, prefer traditional holiday dishes or something totally unexpected, we've found a dish to satisfy basically everyone. So BRING IT 2015. We're fueled up and ready to go.

Image: Averie Cooks

BBQ Chicken Dip

Say goodbye to an epic year with an epic dip. C’mon, who doesn’t like BBQ chicken? How Sweet It Is has the genius recipe.

Image: How Sweet It Is

Homemade Mini Corn Dogs

Give the pigs in a blanket you make every year a break, and try out these mini corn dogs instead. They’re just so…. cute. A Beautiful Mess shows you how.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Avocado, Cream Cheese, and Salsa-Stuffed Puff Pastries

When there’s avocados, cream cheese, and salsa involved, there’s basically no way you can lose. And you want to go into 2015 with at least one win under your belt, right? Head on over to Averie Cooks to find out how to make these delectable puff pastries.

Image: Averie Cooks

Homemade Bar Mix

It’s not a party without some sort of party mix. Throwing together pretzels, cashews, and other various nuts of your choice is probably one of the most stress-free things you can do in the kitchen, so take out A Better Happier St. Sebastian’s recipe for a spin, and make a snack everyone can munch on all night long.

Image: A Better Happier St. Sebastian

German Meatballs in Mushroom Sauce

Meatballs are kind of a New Year’s Eve classic, and thanks to this recipe by the culinary geniuses over at Crepes of Wrath, you can have these babies simmering and ready to go in about an hour. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Image: Crepes of Wrath

Easy One Pot Lasagna

Lasagna is one of those dishes that always seems complicated, but thanks to this one pot recipe by Damn Delicious, you can cook up this comfort food classic with minimal effort. Oh yeah, and everyone will be mad impressed.

Image: Damn Delicious

Macaroni and Cheese Baked Cheese Balls

Macaroni and cheese you can eat in bite-sized baked balls? Call me overdramatic, but if that’s not a belated Christmas miracle, I don’t know what is. Thanks, Averie Cooks.

Image: Averie Cooks

Chocolate Covered Grape Skewers

Did you know that in Spain, it’s considered good luck to eat 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve? Dip those grapes in chocolate, stick them on a skewer, and prepare to meet your new favorite New Year tradition. Get the tutorial at How Sweet It Is.

Image: How Sweet It Is

Parmesan Chicken Bites

I feel like when we were 12, these might have just been called “fancy chicken nuggets” — which is awesome, because going into a brand new year, you kind of just want to have a taste of something familiar with you, am I right? Damn Delicious sprinkles these savory bites with adult-approved parmesan and guys? It’s pretty awesome.

Image: Damn Delicious

Vegetarian Peanut Butter Hummus

I guarantee that if you put a bowl of hummus out on the table, it will be gone long before midnight. Make yours with peanut butter like Budget Bytes, and use carrot sticks for dipping — it’s kind of like your favorite healthy kindergarten snack, except for grownups.

Image: Budget Bytes

Double Chocolate Brownies

Come January 1, you have a whole host of healthy New Year’s resolutions that go into effect. Until then, go ahead and grab another brownie. And if you’re whipping up these gooey, fudge-filled masterpieces by Pastry Affair, go ahead and grab two brownies.

Image: Pastry Affair