New Year's Eve Style Inspiration from 'When Harry Met Sally,' Because Velvet is Trending for 2015

Sometimes, it's hard to pick a favorite Christmas movie — some would crown romantic smorgasbord Love Actually as king, while others would go more classic with a little film called It's A Wonderful Life... there are a lot of excellent choices out there, and really comes down to personal preference. That said, there's one New Year's Eve movie that I find to be the unparalleled best — there are no pretenders to the throne; no movies that come anywhere close to its majesty: When Harry Met Sally. It's practically perfect in every way — right down to the super '80s fashion. That said, why not take some style inspiration from Sally Albright this New Year's Eve?

Think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense: The '80s are kind of trendy right now, and what could be more fun than velvet and opera gloves? Heck, you'll be warmer than all the ladies wearing sequined minis, and besides that it's a fun way to stand out from the crowd. Plus, Sally's makeup look is pretty timeless and fresh-faced — the only real hurdle would be her spiral-curled perm! All in all, though, it's an easy, festive, cheekily vintage look to pull off — here's all you need:

A Velvet Dress

You could always take a cue from her bottle green, sweetheart-necklined, puff-sleeved velvet bridesmaid dress..

Lady Love Song Dress in Emerald Velvet, $89.99, ModCloth

Off the Shoulder Dress

Or, you could copy her amazing New Year's Eve outfit...

New Look Off The Shoulder Skater Dress, $24.62, ASOS

Elbow Length Gloves

...complete with elbow length gloves, of course.

Black Satin Opera Gloves, $12.99, Unique Vintage

And last but not least...

Newfangled Curlers!

Sally Albright wouldn't be Sally Albright without the huge hair.

Goody Flexible Construction Hair Curlers, $14.29, Target

Images: Columbia Pictures