Styling a Pajama Top: 5 Surefire Ways to Make PJs Fashionable For an Extra Comfy Sunday

Hello kids! It’s question time. Do you ever feel like putting on regular clothes in the morning is simply too much effort? Especially on a Sunday? OK — I’m aware that I sound a tad infomercial-y, but seriously: Show me someone who wouldn’t love to stay in their blissfully comfortable PJs all day and I'll show you a liar. I have always had this intense passion for pajamas. Back in high school, I would often immediately change into one of my most beloved jammie sets as soon as I’d get home. This, of course, used to make my mother think I was depressed. But I assured her that I was just into prioritizing my comfort.

Some citizens of the world — who unarguably have more going on in their lives than I — don’t tend to take their pajama game seriously. No offense to you if you're a simple tee-shirt kinda girl; I just prefer to jazz things up in the bedroom, if you know what I mean (god, you're a perv). In other words, I have always been someone who fancies two-piece button-up sets, or the no-fail button-up nightshirt.

So, with Man Repeller's Amelia Diamond as my inspiration, I decided to take my passion for PJs one step further by throwing together five foolproof ways to break your nightwear out of the bedroom. I know you've all gone out with the sweatshirt and/or parka over your pajama top when it's chilly out look (OK; maybe that's just me). But personally, I think it's about time we start living life on the edge. That’s right: I’m proposing we start wearing our pajama tops to work, out to lunch or even out on the town — because PJs are nothing if not another opportunity to be fashionable. Am I right?


I'm Wearing: This look couldn't have been easier. I simply tucked in my cotton pajama top from Victoria's Secret with a pair of ultra comfy distressed boyfriend jeans from Forever21 and magic: I've never felt more myself in an outfit.


I'm Wearing: For this look, I paired my cheetah print (America's favorite neutral) top, again from Victoria's Secret with a leather jacket from Forever21. I know — clearly I shop at a wide variety of stores.


I'm Wearing: I was feeling summer beachy vibes in this look in my Besty Johnson top and high-waisted jeans from Forever21 (similar). So I then added my go-to white Converse kicks and a pair of $5 sunnies from god-knows-where, and I was feelin' that summertime sadness.


I'm Wearing: This pajama shirt from Victoria's Secret (surprise!) is an absolute dream. Please get it immediately if you value your comfort and overall happiness. I paired it with a blazer I got from a thrift shop and voilá. I'm sophisticated! Right?!


I'm Wearing: Here, I've got on another supersoft sleep shirt from Victoria's Secret tucked into my favorite cargo pants from LOFT (similar). I added some specs from Warby Parker and felt ready to hit the library in this laid-back look. Pshh: As if I would be hitting up the library over break. But still: I could've.

Images: Author