7 Things Girls Who Wear Heels Are Tired Of Hearing — Guys, #SorryNotSorry That We’re Taller Than You

There is no accessory that gets me quite as excited as a killer pair of heels does. Sure, I usually don’t have too many reasons to wear them on my schedule (my life consists mostly of going to class and working from home,) but I jump at the chance to slip on a pair of my favorite heels whenever the opportunity arises, even if that means I’m the only one giving my height a boost.

Happy hour? Lunch date with the girls? Church? Heels, heels, and heels. Sure, I’m mainly a fan of the stylish heeled bootie for more casual events, but I love a good strappy stiletto for a night on the town. My lace-up heels remain my trusty sidekick, and I’ll gladly take the pain that accompanies wearing my black leather platforms. I have a running list of heels I’m dying to get my hands on, or rather, my feet into. I’m a woman obsessed, people.

However, my friends and family are far more casual than I am, so I rarely wear heels without a comment being made by someone. Here are seven things I and all girls who wear heels are tired of hearing, even though the confidence we get from wearing them allows us to take the remarks like a boss lady.

Aren't you worried that you'll be taller than the guys there?

Nope, not really. At 5'8'', I've been the relatively tall girl for quite some time, especially compared to my friends, who are all miraculously about half a foot shorter than me. So what's another four or five inches? Nothing, when my legs look this good. If my potential suitors can't understand that it's my shoes that are making me upwards of 6 feet tall (or if they even care,) they can keep on walking.

You're going to break your ankles.

I admit, there's a slight possibility. But that's a risk I'm willing to take. Take heart in the knowledge that I've put in the training. And I promise I won't make you carry me on the off chance I do hurt myself.

Will you be able to dance in those?

Pshhhh. Can I dance in these. HA. The real question is whether I can dance in other types of shoes. (No, I cannot. Heels are like my liquid courage, except, y'know, not liquid.)

Why are you so tall tonight?

OK, guy friends, this one's for you. Are you worried that me matching your height makes you seem shorter? Sorry I'm hurting your game. Scratch that — I'm actually not sorry at all.

What are you so dressed up for?

Um, I'm wearing leggings, a sweater that's two sizes too big, and minimal makeup. My heeled booties (which, BTW, are far more comfortable for me than flats,) do not make me dressed up.

You'll have back problems when you get older if you keep wearing those, you know.

Well, I'm not older yet, am I? #YOYO (You're Only Young Once.)

Do your feet hurt yet?

Chances are, yes. Yes they do. Thanks for reminding me, friend. But it's OK — the pain's worth it.

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