Burping After Inhaling Helium Sounds Way More Insane Than You Would Think — VIDEO

I would never encourage anyone to inhale anything other than sweet, awesome oxygen, but we're all adults here and we know that sometimes it happens that some people like to inhale helium to make their voices sound weird. As it turns out, talking isn't the only bodily function that gets hilariously affected by breathing in this gas. In this video, you'll get to vicariously experience the glory that is burping after inhaling helium from a balloon. After taking a lung full of helium, the woman in the video claims she needs another balloon before she lets out a little burp—and gets immediately a little taken aback when a near-barfing noise comes out of her mouth, but in high-pitched chipmunk form. So, the takeaway here is that basically, when you burp and then almost-barf on Helium, you sound like a tiny animal. That's admittedly kind of wonderful.

If you've ever taken a balloon and directed all the stuff that makes it float into your lungs (because you were probably a child at some point who was bored at a birthday party, I'm assuming) or watched Morgan Freeman do it, then you know the results are kind of funny. Like, Dumb and Dumber-esque, totally immature kind of funny, but still pretty funny. I don't know what your signature move is when you breathe in helium, but mine is singing Beyoncé, because you haven't truly lived until you've heard someone sing "Crazy in Love" on helium.

Pawel Kowalski on YouTube

Image: isavira/Fotolia