Kendall's 2014 Selfies: A Complete List

If there's any one talent that the Kardashian family shares collectively, it's probably taking and posting selfies. Well, that, and making money off of being really attractive — same thing? Maybe. Either way, Kendall Jenner's selfies are second to none... except maybe her younger sister. Kendall is a rising model with an insane runway and editorial resume, and Kylie is singlehandedly changing the way we all do our hair and makeup. As 2014 is wrapping up, it only made sense to review the sisters' most important contributions to the world this past year: Their selfies. But, if you follow Kylie... you know that that complete list would be very, very, very long, so I narrowed it down to just one sister.

Kendall Jenner is a model so, naturally, she knows how to take a good portrait. Add the fact that 90 percent of her family and friends are celebrities in the mix of things, and what you have is a lot of very popular selfies and 16.8 million followers on Instagram. No big deal. But enough talk. What's really important here is the selfies, so here we go. Here is EVERY single selfie Kendall Jenner took in 2014.

1. The Most Recent

Jenner just posted this selfie on Wednesday. So that's one way to say Happy New Year to the entire world. This is number one because why the heck wouldn't it be?

2. The Infamous Selfie


3. Red Lip

Understand why she's a famous model yet? Thought so.

4. Met Gala Selfie

My life goal is to one day take this exact selfie. And go to the Met Gala. In this dress.



6. That Nose Ring

Oh, and a Lacoste coconut. Obviously.

7. Her Calvins


8. The Prettiest Sisters


9. Vogue Shoot Selfie

If ever there is a time for a selfie, I would say it is definitely during a Vogue shoot.

10. Car Selfie

*Buys more turtlenecks*

11. Big Sunglasses Are a Way of Life

12. Eyebrow Game Strong

There's really no way to rank these because they're all just amazing. So it made sense to list them all in one place.

Also, once she had no eyebrows. So that's worth noting.

13. BFFs

Apparently Kendall only hangs out with super attractive people, which makes sense I guess.

14. Duckface

This makes me feel better about my duckface selfies, although I suspect they are different for many reasons.

15. Gameface


16. Blurred on Purpose

Wow, such art.