She'll Make You Want to Rock Gold Lipstick Tonight

In the twilight hours of 2014, it seems Kylie Jenner's lips may have finally been upstaged — and by her own half sister no less! Khloe Kardashian rocked gold lips for a photoshoot and posted a photo to Instagram. Now I'm suffering from some serious lipstick envy and wondering if I'll have enough time to snag a similar shade between work and the New Year's Eve party I'm slated to attend tonight.

Kardashian gave us a sneak peek of a sure-to-be-incredible upcoming shoot with photographer Mike Rosenthal featuring an extreme close-up of her gold lips and matching gold grill (I could do without that part, especially for an IRL interpretation of the look). I kind of want to see what else she's wearing, but even minus the context I am in love. Metallic lips just seem so of the moment.

This would be the perfect way to make your NYE outfit pop, especially if, like myself, you're going the LBD route. Khloe didn't share any tips for getting the look, but luckily we are on top of our trends here at Bustle and so our very own Kelly Dougher has you covered with her tips for trying gold lipstick over the holidays. Click on over if you're interested and read on for some additional gold lippy suggestions!

But first, here's Khloe's take!

1. Tom Ford in Solar Gold

Tom Ford Lipstick in Solar Gold, $49, Tom Ford

2. Make Up Forever in Pearly Gold

Makeup Forever Lipstick in Pearly Gold, $20, Sephora

3. NYX Wicked Lippie in Metallic Gold

NYX Wicked Lippie in Metallic Gold, $4, NYX Cosmetics

Image: Courtesy Brands