21 Times Ariana Grande's Right Side Was the Unsung Hero of 2014

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It's no secret that Ariana Grande supposedly favors one hemisphere of her face over the other. Hey, remember those alleged demands about only being photographed from the left side? While her right side gets all the attention and praise, the left toiled in relative obscurity. But hidden behind her more famous left side, Ariana Grande's right side was the unsung hero of 2014. If both sides were cast in Les Miserables, the left would be Cosette, and the right would be Eponine. While the latter is plagued with unrequited love for Eddie Redmayne and ultimately perishes, she's clearly the far more complex character.

Because it's stronger than it's been before, this is time for ol' right side to break free in 2015. And to prove this, here are 21 times when Ariana Grande's right side was the sleeper star of 2014.

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