15 Recipes to Try When One of Your 2015 New Year's Resolutions Is to Eat Healthier

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I kind of hate New Year's resolutions, because it almost feels like you're being set up for failure. Like, just because you have to buy a new calendar, doesn't mean you have to reinvent yourself, you know? *Even though* the whole notion of resolutions is a bit contrived, I still end up setting some goals for myself — like to try to eat healthier. This seems like the hardest goal to meet because I keep recycling it every year, trying, failing, and then trying again. This year, it's totally going to be different.

In terms of a healthier diet, "healthier" is a broad term, so I'll leave it up to you to decide what it means for your body. Whether it's losing weight, gaining weight, gaining muscle, or feeling less tired every day, you'll probably have to start off by tweaking your diet somehow. Here are 15 awesome recipes that don't even seem healthy (but they totally are).

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