Fox Is Making Guys "Dance For Dates" This NYE

In case you didn't know, which I didn't until now, Pitbull's backup dancers have their own group name — The Most Bad Ones. Aside from having horrible grammar, these girls clearly can't get dates on their own so they're taking to the New Years Revolution stage to do just that in the New Year's Revolution "Dance For A Date" segment. It's like The Bachelorette — except the dates involve break dancing instead of jumping off the top of a building, and they're vying for a date for one drunken night, not the rest of their lives. Now, I know absolutely nothing about the girls of The Most Bad Ones, but I'm sure they're all very nice ladies. However, watching guys drunkenly break dance and declare their love for Pitbull is not the way I planned to spend my New Year's Eve — which is why I stayed in, since those things are DEFINITELY happening at bars around the world.

So how does it work? Basically, exactly as it sounds. Each girl is looking for a date for the night and her Most Bad Ones sisters get to choose the best suitor based off his good looks and dance moves. We started with 30 contestants who had to break dance for the girls' attention. Then the 10 semi-finalists — you guessed it — break danced for the girls' attention. After a heated battle — and a cell phone tragedy — we're down to three. The winner will be announced in the second part of the show, probably so the girls' "dates" only last about 10 minutes.

But judging from Twitter, the "Dance for a Date" contest is not all that exciting to fans watching at home. I don't blame them. The only time I want to watch guy's dance poorly for attention is on Dancing With the Stars, not while I'm ringing in the New Year. The audience was pretty concerned for the abandoned cell phone, though. We're all hoping it will find its way back to its owner before the clock strikes 12 so the happy couple can share a midnight kiss.